Learn More About Search Engine Optimisation Trends

In a world where every minute detail is accounted for, it’s easy to forget about Search Engine Optimisation Trends and their effect on your business. However important they are, these trends do play a greater role than most realise. Without SEO Adelaide (assuming you don’t have a website), you wouldn’t get traffic. It’s that important! If you’re in any doubt about how that impacts your business, then it’s time to learn more about search engine optimisation trends.

1 – First of all, we need to talk about voice search. That term has gotten a lot of press over the past year or so, including Mariano Gelinas, CFO of Google. However, what exactly does it mean? Essentially, this term refers to a new strategy Google adopted for delivering relevant results. Rather than just delivering users the results they want, Google aims to provide a user experience that ensures they can interact with high-quality content while searching the web.


To understand how this digital marketing strategy can help you, take a moment to consider the old search engine optimisation trend of ranking highest for the first few search keywords. This is still something you should engage in, of course. However, Google’s new approach makes it far easier to ensure your website appears in the top 10 results for that keyword phrase. Simply put, Google’s new digital marketing strategy makes it far easier to ensure your website appears at the top of the first page of a search engine result. Google calls this strategy digital marketing, which is quite fitting, considering its goal is to market its services, products, and websites across the globe.

2 – Next, let’s take a look at semantic search. Semantic search is a brand new strategy by Google designed to make it easier for searchers to find specific information. Search for a phrase like “pizza restaurant in Adelaide”, and if you don’t know what that phrase means, the chances are good that you’ll get results that have nothing to do with the city’s pizza restaurants. Google shows searchers relevant search results based on the particular keywords that they used to enter initially with semantic search. In other words, if someone searches for pizza in Adelaide, they’re more likely to see a website about the city’s pizza restaurants than they would a site about any number of dishes, pasta recipes, or even reservations at the best pizzerias around.

Google’s semantic search goes beyond simply using relevant keywords as part of the search intent. One other important semantic SEO Adelaide  search element is the so-called “featured snippets” at the top of the SERP. These featured snippets are designed to give visitors a quick overview of some of the most relevant and useful information. To optimise your websites for these featured snippets, all you need to do is create content that will be interesting or useful to visitors and then optimise the site for a key phrase that’s very specific.

SEO Adelaide trends for the next few years are expected to continue focusing on user experience and user intent. As long as the user is being provided with a complete and useful experience, they’ll be much more likely to stick around and return to your site. Google is also making some changes to how its search engines list websites. 

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